Friday, September 4, 2009

Some Stuff

Hiya! I've been pretty buzy at work-doing lots of frieght.(the "f" word) SIGH... I have 18 or more pumpkins just sitting there begging for me to carve them! I hope to start later today. (see samples of carved pumpkins on my flicker site: ). Tomorrow is our bead demo (1-3) and I haven't made the samples yet either.

I'm trying to get some more jewelry made for an upcoming show I plan to do Oct. 17, on our riverfront. Its the Fancy Schmancy Flea Market. It isn't a flea market tho- everything has to be approved-all nice stuff but a variety. The money they take in goes to help the area Food Pantry. In Nov. I'm doing will go to the Miller Center in Pekin I think. I like that!

Last night I taught my newest design in ages...see pic in last post. I only had 2 students but several others want to do it so I will repeat it soon.

MY DADDY did it again! He is awesome! See the pics and article in their local paper here:
I must get buzy here!!
hugs, Pam