Monday, November 2, 2009

The Windows!

Stretch & Play

Yikes I've found new muscles. Its been awhile since I did the ladder,stretch,bend type of painting on BIG stuff but I did have a BALL! Amy Boetcher, Tom Gross, Phoebe (sorry I didn't
get your last name) and I painted 5 of the 7 huge Windows.
I loved what we ended up painting in just a tad over 3 hours! These windows are just outside of the theatre area where the play "Rent" will be presented this Friday evening in the East Peoria High School.
Rocco Landesman, the newly appointed Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts will visit Peoria to kick off his Art Works Listening Tours. He is spending the next 6 months highlighting the ways that "art works" in neighborhoods and towns across America. He will be attending the play "Rent" (tickets: online at or at the Eastlight Theatre box office at 309-699-7469. Rocco's activities on Nov. 6:
9am-tour Peoria's downtown warehouse district.
10am-Economic roundtable discussion of "Art Works" at the Peoria Civic Center
(Several of us artists will be doing our art just outside of the discussion area at the Civic center.)
1:30pm- Q & A between Rocco & the Peoria Arts Community at WTVP studios
( to attend the discussion at the civic center or the Q & A: call 309-676-2787 or email )
5:30 Reception at Eastlight Commons (by or windows!)
7pm- The play "Rent".
This is a pretty big deal for Peoria! Pictures and a video coming...Please watch the video!
Heres the video on YouTube: