Monday, November 9, 2009

success rocc's!

Wow What a week! The "Art Works" event was a huge success. I was shown painting at the civic center on the evening news! Wish I knew how to capture it as a video. (giggle). I taped 2 channels and watched another. They showed me in the blurb of upcoming news and hubby and I are like "what"!! He's like" Why did they show you first???" (Got me! grin) I still have to watch the other 2 that I taped, but have had a few"I saw you on the news!!" "can I have your autograph?" comments. (yea right!) ha.

To get a great rundown, visit Amy's blog for pictures and details: I am honored to be included in her "army"! What a blast. Also it made national news in the NYTIMES!

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Windows!

Stretch & Play

Yikes I've found new muscles. Its been awhile since I did the ladder,stretch,bend type of painting on BIG stuff but I did have a BALL! Amy Boetcher, Tom Gross, Phoebe (sorry I didn't
get your last name) and I painted 5 of the 7 huge Windows.
I loved what we ended up painting in just a tad over 3 hours! These windows are just outside of the theatre area where the play "Rent" will be presented this Friday evening in the East Peoria High School.
Rocco Landesman, the newly appointed Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts will visit Peoria to kick off his Art Works Listening Tours. He is spending the next 6 months highlighting the ways that "art works" in neighborhoods and towns across America. He will be attending the play "Rent" (tickets: online at or at the Eastlight Theatre box office at 309-699-7469. Rocco's activities on Nov. 6:
9am-tour Peoria's downtown warehouse district.
10am-Economic roundtable discussion of "Art Works" at the Peoria Civic Center
(Several of us artists will be doing our art just outside of the discussion area at the Civic center.)
1:30pm- Q & A between Rocco & the Peoria Arts Community at WTVP studios
( to attend the discussion at the civic center or the Q & A: call 309-676-2787 or email )
5:30 Reception at Eastlight Commons (by or windows!)
7pm- The play "Rent".
This is a pretty big deal for Peoria! Pictures and a video coming...Please watch the video!
Heres the video on YouTube:

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Very Classy

I just want to share with everyone that I'm having a
Beginner Decorative Painting Class
at Hobby Lobby on Sat. Nov. 7 from
10am-3pm. Class fee is $35
and there is a supply list. We will be painting this cute
Christmas Jingle Santa. Please share this info with
anyone you think might be interested. thx Pam
See pictures and get info here:
Sadly tomorrow I will say goodbye to my Aunt Helen.
She was a very special lady and had a good,long life. I'm
so grateful to her for encouraging my artistic ways. She will
be greatly missed.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Faucet Giveaway!

One of my favorite sites to visit is Centsational Girl. She makes her home her own if great, creative, inexpensive ways. Check out her site!
She is having a Price Pfister faucet giveaway! Go see it and submit a comment to enter.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Halloween Tricksters!

Heres my newest design. hope you like....

Buzy Month!

Hiya! Boy its been a buzy month. I just met myself coming in the door!

Painting classes:
My new Autumn Design on the shirt went over well. I ended up repeating it for some who couldn't attend the first class. AND I've done another new design for Halloween! Its called "Halloween Tricksters!" (I'll post a photo soon). I'm teaching it Oct.8 on RocLon room drapery fabric as a banner. Cute!! if I do say so myself. grin. Both are now E-packets. I'm slowly converting all of my packets to e-packets(pdf files). It takes awhile-esp since I didn't know how to set up files properly when I started all my computer stuff. duhhh.

Clay Classes: I started up a new clay class in Washington and everyone there (5) did very well and I think they'd like to continue to have classes. I do! We are doing a Flower Cane this Sunday (9/27)in Washington and tomorrow (9/26)the Peoria group is doing the "Hidden Magic" technique. I also had a great Jewelry Basics class with 6 in attendance. I love teaching and sharing what I like to do.

Work: I've been getting plenty of hours at Michaels and have gotten to start carving pumpkins more lately. I've carved 42 so far and have at least that many waiting for me to cut them.
(I really think they are breeding at night in the classroom!) If you'd like to see some we did last year look: HERE. and scroll down a ways. I did take an order for doing a bulldog one too. yikes. It's a school mascot-not sure what to charge for that! I did have another helper carve last year but she has been helping her daughter who was ill and her daughters family. I miss her sitting with me and her wonderful stories.

Personal: My Aunt has been hospitalized recently and just got moved into a nursing home. She has congestive heart failure and her kidneys aren't working properly. I pray she improves & is comfortable.
Well I must go take some photos and add things to my website.... then go to work.
Have a great day! me

Friday, September 4, 2009

Some Stuff

Hiya! I've been pretty buzy at work-doing lots of frieght.(the "f" word) SIGH... I have 18 or more pumpkins just sitting there begging for me to carve them! I hope to start later today. (see samples of carved pumpkins on my flicker site: ). Tomorrow is our bead demo (1-3) and I haven't made the samples yet either.

I'm trying to get some more jewelry made for an upcoming show I plan to do Oct. 17, on our riverfront. Its the Fancy Schmancy Flea Market. It isn't a flea market tho- everything has to be approved-all nice stuff but a variety. The money they take in goes to help the area Food Pantry. In Nov. I'm doing will go to the Miller Center in Pekin I think. I like that!

Last night I taught my newest design in ages...see pic in last post. I only had 2 students but several others want to do it so I will repeat it soon.

MY DADDY did it again! He is awesome! See the pics and article in their local paper here:
I must get buzy here!!
hugs, Pam

Thursday, August 27, 2009

New clay n painting this wk!

Here is a new flower clay cane I made for my clay class on SAturday. I love teaching the clay and its a great excuse to have to make new things constantly too. grin~
I have also gotten around to actually creating a new painted design too for my students. They requested a fall design for
painting on fabric (actually pants legs-but I did the back of a shirt that already has a scarecrow on the front). It would be fun to paint on a long skinny board too... hmmmm. Just wanted to share these items with
you. I've worked a few 5am-1pm days putting in new bead aisles (yipeee) but its hard to get used to the hours! Yawnnnnnnn
Pam Better pictures are on my site on classes pages:
whatcha think?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Fine art festival!!

Well our Washington Fine Arts Festival is over and it was a doozy! (for me anyway). We had over 90 artists in alot of booths and they all had excellent products for sale. I shared a booth with my friend that makes incredible crystal jewelry. Its beautiful stuff and she does well.
Day 1: We used her tent and had a fun (ahem) time setting it up for the first time. I borrowed a friends display. It had a metal frame with magnetic strips that had large sheets of "rug" type material on. I had to call her to figure out how to set it up. I got it put together and the wind blew it over, taking my table with it. I realized I needed to use 2 different tables to make it wider and more level. I did that and loaded on probably 2oo pendants onto it. The sale started at 10 am. It was nearly 11 now. Then the wind picked up again and yes.... it blew over again. So I put bricks behind it on the metal bars. Got the table under it all loaded and pretty. Hung up some canvases next to this display and yes........ it all blew over AGAIN!! (The canvases did too) The wonderful lady next to me suggested hanging the 2 "rugs" up from the tent and we did that. It worked great. I went home and cried....
Day 2: "Its gonna storm. No its going to pass us by... no its going to rain lightly all day." I sure wish the weathermen would talk to each other. Well I decided to set up differently so I could move everything into the center of the tent easily IF it did rain. I layed the pendant rugs on a table and clamped them down. That worked ok but they weren't as easy to see. I was determined to stay for the whole sale. Traffic was slow-just a few small sales. Look at the clouds rolling in fast. Its raining a couple miles away. There is light sky behind the dark ones so I'm determined to stay. It sprinkled. The wind is picking up and so are many of the venders. Now its POURING! We got soaked packing up. UG. I got everything into my car and went home. I layed down for a short nap and slept for 3 hours! Was it worth it? I think so. I love seeing all the art-chatting with the other vendors and seeing friends I haven't seen in ages. My sales weren't great but I did come out ahead.
The next sale is in a month or 2- another outdoor one. We will be there! sigh...........

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Clay Class Today!

I just love teaching Polymer Clay and we'll have a fun class today.
We will make Mokume Gane Canes. To see samples go here: The gals in my class (& occasionally a guy)
are so fun, creative and a treat to teach to. Sometimes I think they should charge me
for the fun.................. naaaaa. :)

Last night hubby and I went to see a movie. "The Ugly Truth". What a riot-its realllly good.
A few naughty words & somewhat predictable but hysterical! Everyone that walked out was
grinning- thats a good show!

I must get to work on my jewelry now. hugs

Friday, August 7, 2009

So much to do... and here I sit.

This is just a small sample of some of the polymer clay items (jewelry) I'm working on for our Washington Fine Arts Society Festival (here on the square Aug 15 & 16). I'm also making hair bows, and finishing some canvases to sell. I'm so excited!!!! but being addicted to reading blogs, here I sit. UG I must peel my behind off this chair and get more done!

Later * smile*

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Now I'm blogging too

I've mainly started this blog to make it easier for my students to keep up with my classes. I was going to make a "feed" on my website classes pages so students could just sign up to get new postings about classes.........but I can't figure that out yet. :P Hopefully I will learn that soon.

So STUDENTS OF MINE, please sign up to get this feed:
All you need to do is click on the orange square with a B in it up on the top right hand side of page and then click on subscribe. But wait - then you need to check your "feeds" too. When I post my blog name will be darker. Just click it . Easy peazy.
I've just updated and fixed a couple things on my website concerning classes. There are sample pictures of our Mokume Gane Clay class and I've added a "printable" calendar of all of my classes in Peoria & in Washington so you can keep up with me. (whew)