Saturday, August 8, 2009

Clay Class Today!

I just love teaching Polymer Clay and we'll have a fun class today.
We will make Mokume Gane Canes. To see samples go here: The gals in my class (& occasionally a guy)
are so fun, creative and a treat to teach to. Sometimes I think they should charge me
for the fun.................. naaaaa. :)

Last night hubby and I went to see a movie. "The Ugly Truth". What a riot-its realllly good.
A few naughty words & somewhat predictable but hysterical! Everyone that walked out was
grinning- thats a good show!

I must get to work on my jewelry now. hugs


The Vintage Dresser said...

Great start Pam! Congrats! I'm on Brush Bunch, too. I signed up as a follower and added my links to Etsy & eBay & blog if you want to take a peek.

Anonymous said...

Nice set up, Pam. I'll try to remember to stop by. You know me ;-)