Monday, November 9, 2009

success rocc's!

Wow What a week! The "Art Works" event was a huge success. I was shown painting at the civic center on the evening news! Wish I knew how to capture it as a video. (giggle). I taped 2 channels and watched another. They showed me in the blurb of upcoming news and hubby and I are like "what"!! He's like" Why did they show you first???" (Got me! grin) I still have to watch the other 2 that I taped, but have had a few"I saw you on the news!!" "can I have your autograph?" comments. (yea right!) ha.

To get a great rundown, visit Amy's blog for pictures and details: I am honored to be included in her "army"! What a blast. Also it made national news in the NYTIMES!

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Anonymous said...

Check you out! You go girl!
Miss you bunches