Monday, March 22, 2010

very behind

Ahh I'm so far behind in posting! Sorry. It's been tooo long of a winter and I"m so happy to see
some green buds peeking out. It energizes me!

I got the SWEETEST surprise today. My friend sent me a card...just because! She is sooo good at
making cards and doing paper crafts! She has lots of yummy tuts on her website: Go see!  Here is the card and inside it says "Wishing you an awesome spring".
She even polka dotted the envelope.

I have been lax on getting my classes going. I didn't have much energy all winter but spring is helping me alot.
I decided to make a couple Fairies out of clay! The shop, "Moon Dancer" had a Fairy Tea Party and so I made a few things to put in there. (It was a sold out event!)   Here is a write up on an artist friend, Amy Boettcher's website at Something Unique Studios - she has a photo of a table with my Fairy, dragon, 2 butterfly shadowboxes and a tiny fairy sitting on one. I did another fairy but her pic didn't work.
Hubby is making something that smells yummy so am going to go eat and then start on a canvas for a class. yeah! Have a great day!

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Carla Bazhenow said...

Oh, how sweet of your friend... *smile* she really likes you. Hugs, C