Sunday, September 26, 2010

I'm BACK...

Wow its been too long! I've been so buzy! Doing what you ask? ha
Well some classes are back at MICHAELS. (where I work too) yipeee.
I am teaching beginner Fine Art classes using Grumbacher acrylics there now. I have morning and evening classes for each project and we "strive" to complete the projects in one session! This is actually cheaper than my "old" classes since we can do them in one class and we are mixing colors so, once you get the basic kit (with a coupon of course!) + a very few extra colors I use, you are all set. You aren't required to use the Grumbacher tube paints, but its cheaper in the long run, easier and I love, love, love them! They are fun!
You can get all of the schedule & info on my "classes" page at my website at 
But of course I have to give you a sneek peek...

These are my own designs and that takes some time too. hmmm what else? I'm still teaching polymer clay at hobby lobby here in Peoria too. We have a new manager  at work and I'm getting more hours than I used to, but I love it. We had the Washington Fine Arts Society festival in August and my sweet hubby came too and sold his awesome handcarved canes and walking sticks. They attracted more attention than my jewelry. ha. But I did ok too.
    Summer flew by so fast and now its beautiful weather and cooler at night. I love it. Less hot flashes!
If you know someone that might want to paint- share my blog or website with them or have them email me.
I love teaching!
tata for now.  Pam

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