Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I'm back-maybe.

Hello followers!! Wow its been over a year since I wrote here. So sorry! Just trying to keep my head above water lately. What have I been up to?
Teaching my classes:  Acrylic painting,  jewelry making,  and polymer clay. Please feel free to check out
        my website at www.pam-paints.com.  I teach in Peoria and some painting classes in Bloomington,IL
        I have a mailing list for painting students. There is a yahoo group to join for our Clay Guild.
Still working at M's still. Love it! (usually)
Did some house improvements before Christmas. (My tree is still up....) Our kids and grandkids
       were all home and it was awesome.
Recovering from a back & a separate knee injury- nearly there. Getting older sucks!  (Notice I didn't say OLD)
I am growing my hair out! Hubby wants to know why. I don't know... I just miss long hair and thought I'd try it.
I've decided I'm NOT much good at writing blogs but will try to keep this up more often. Hope you are
all having a fun time and staying warm!   Pam

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